The Vanguard Years: 2010 - 2016

"Gone, but certainly not forgotten. Six extraordinary years of unparalleled creativity"

- Jaimie Leonarder (Jay Katz)


An over the top, ego-driven 406 page documentation of a little venue in Newtown, that not many people even knew about. Sold yet?

For those few people who wish to have a keepsake of The Vanguard Years 2010-2016, here is your chance - there are two options.



This book is printed on demand, so yeah, it's kinda expensive. We haven't marked the price up at all, so you'll be paying the lowest price possible - which also means there are no profits for this keepsake. The good news is that there will often be DISCOUNT CODES which can save as much as 40%. Whenever these sales are on we'll be posting them on our Facebook page, and also through our newsletter (click on Newsletter on the left menu).


Because of the cost of the Hard Cover version, we'll also be offering the book as a FREE DOWNLOAD, which you can access below.

We just want as many people to be able to see this book as possible, and we understand the cost of the Hard Cover might be a prohibitive, but obviously the book looks and feels great in your hand/coffee table.