Gotham: 1919 - 1939


From the creators of the Star Wars men parody magazine “Wookieerotica” comes a one of a kind hardcover coffee table book. Combining real history with the caped crusader, taking the classic characters from the 70+ years of comics and transporting them to period between the two great wars covering topic such as the great depression prohibition and the infamous public enemy period.

1919-1939 was a time of unprecedented change - this book captures it all for posterity in a series of stunning pictures. From the 'war to end all wars' to the crash of the stock market; from enforcement of prohibition to the rise of the celebrity gangster. This book collects the years of research following the Dark Knight and the colourful characters that for a short period would dominate the headlines. As you flick through its pages and ponder over its captivating images, you will see the world that would create a place like Gotham City, and the people who put on masks to protect it.

Also available is our limited Justice League print, either separately or bundled together with the book.

Disclaimer: This is a parody book. Batman™ and its characters are registered trademarks of DC Comics. This production is not sponsored, endorsed by or affiliated with DC Comics or any of its subsidiaries or affiliated companies and/or third party licensors.